LED traffic information screen solution

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1. Application overview

As a representative of green energy, LED display screens are strongly supported by government departments, and are widely used in stations, banks, information dispatching display media, and used as transmission and display of information such as trains, finances, and dispatching.

2. Functional effects

n LED information release display system can adapt to the new task of accelerating the development of the service industry, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

n LED information release display system can adapt to new ways of resource conservation and environmentally friendly development, strengthen energy and resource conservation and ecological environment protection, enhance sustainable development capacity, and save land, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment to a more prominent position. Achieve good and fast development with minimal resource consumption and environmental costs.

n LED information release display system can adapt to the new requirements of building an innovative country, and actively promote concept innovation, technological innovation, institutional mechanism innovation and policy innovation.

n LED information release display system can adapt to the new changes of industrialization, informationization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, further play the role of leading and supporting, narrow the gap between regional and urban and rural public services, and promote the equalization of basic public services. .

n LED information release display system can adapt to the new needs of economic and social development, improve the export-oriented economy, logistics, people flow, information flow will be more active, safe, economic, reliable, efficient, to achieve the coordination of scale, speed and quality, efficiency development of.

3. Program features

n IP-based digital transmission: digital transmission using the network, and distributing the programs and tasks produced by the control center to each display terminal, enabling remote control and terminal management through the network.

n Support various file formats on the market: It can support multiple formats. The file format can be BMP/JPG/GIF, etc. It can also be PowerPoint format, MPG2, MPEG4, AVI, ASF video format, Flash format, HTML/ MMS/EXE/COM, etc., can also implement network video on demand function.

n Controls various display terminal devices: Dual-primary LEDs and full-color LEDs that can control synchronous transmission.

n Realize accurate and real-time information playback: After editing the task table and program list in the control center, the task table and program list are distributed to the designated display terminal device through the network, and the display terminal will play according to the edited program list. When there is a special program that needs to be inserted, text information, image information, dynamic information, video information, etc. can be inserted at any time; the operation is very convenient, and all devices and information are effectively managed remotely.

n Powerful terminal control and monitoring functions: Effectively manage all display terminal devices, including power management, IP management, time proofing management, and display terminal group management. The display terminal can be controlled to realize power management and realize unattended broadcast of the broadcast server. The control center host can broadcast the program of any network controller at any time for real-time monitoring.

n Emergency breaks and subtitles: In the control center host, you can insert emergency programs to any network controller and instantly insert horizontal or vertical scrolling subtitles. The network controller continues to broadcast the original program after broadcasting the emergency program.

n System maintenance is simple: network controllers are all produced by industrial grade products. The client is free of software maintenance, and the system software can be managed and maintained through the control center.

n Easy to use and easy to use: easy to operate and easy to use, the operation is similar to general office software, no need for professional production staff and maintenance personnel, usually a little computer knowledge. Those who have used office software can operate the system after a few days of training. maintain.

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