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Date: 2018-08-08
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How do consumers choose LED lighting?

日期: 2018-08-08
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Different models, different lights and colors, different brands, facing a wealth of LED lighting products, when LED lighting products "run" into the public eye, how to choose lamps? How to choose a luminaire? Become a test of consumer abilities. In the face of numerous choices, should we pay more attention to light efficiency or color development, or should we directly choose a big brand?

LED lighting products have a large number of measurement parameters because consumers may not need and need to understand and remember these parameters one by one. However, in order to choose a good luminaire, we should pay attention to and master some basic ideas and important indicators for the selection and purchase of LED lighting products.

Choosing the right price is not expensive.

From the consumer's point of view, the general choice of lights is commercial or household, the first step is to determine the application of the lamp, and then specify the type of product to be purchased, buy a reading desk lamp or office LED grille or flat light. Lights, down lights, etc.

“The first step is to determine what to buy, followed by screening out a few brands to prevent too many difficulties.” One businessman suggested: “Look at the internet or the store first.”

When choosing LED luminaires, the value of the brand and price will vary depending on the application. For lightweight applications, I can choose high-end brands. Some regions may choose medium brands and prices are still good products, not high pursuits.

It can be seen that consumers start from different needs and adapt to local conditions. “Only choose not to choose expensive rights”, this consumption concept still applies when choosing LED lighting products.

Of course, whether it is lighting or lighting, these are the basic preparations. The most important thing is the latter. How to choose the light, what is the standard of light?

What indicators should be paid attention to in the choice of lighting

"Good LED lights should be safe and reliable, stable in performance, soft and comfortable in color, and reasonably priced," said a business person. From the shopping point of view, the demand for LED lights is also easy to understand. From the aspects of safety, reliability, comfort, appearance, energy saving, price, etc., consider good LED lights. "This is a problem that ordinary consumers should pay attention to." Luo Wenzheng, chief technical engineer of Sichuan Xinli Light Source Co., Ltd. said.

Safety is the number one priority. If the safety of the product is too bad, there will be electric shock and fire hazard. The reliability of LED lights is also very important, which is reflected in the manufacturer's warranty on the product. At present, the quality assurance time of LED in the market is from 1 year to more than 3 years. Different guarantee times mean that the reliability of the product is different.

While security is a condition that all products should meet, many companies (especially small ones) are adopting low-cost materials and solutions to capture the market with few security issues. At present, many products on the market have this hidden danger. There are also quality assurance issues. "Even if there are low-end manufacturers claiming to guarantee 5 years, maybe less than two years later, the manufacturer has closed, and there are many such examples." Luo Wenzheng said.

Therefore, how to purchase products with high safety and reliability, “go to brand stores or retail stores, buy products with a certain scale and brand”, and choose brand products to become the common suggestions of the industry.

"In addition, we can pay attention to the choice of products and related product certification, there is no relevant certification mark on the lamp packaging, such as the national CCC mandatory certification mark, CQC and CE and other safety signs." Han Licheng, test department manager. H of Henderson Technology Co., Ltd. is a recommendation of Nanjing.

Under the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, LED lights still have some indicators worthy of attention. One of them is comfort, including color temperature, color rendering index, glare and stroboscopic index.

In addition, consumers often have their own standards and requirements, depending on the application area of the luminaire. An industry source said, "As a consumer, such as living room lights, the requirements will be higher, I will pay attention to the quality of the color, the color adjustment of the lighting or decoration, materials, etc., as well as some areas of lights, such as toilets or kitchens.

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