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Date: 2018-08-07
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Samsung MicroLED flagship TV The Wall will be reduced from 80MM thickness to 30MM

日期: 2018-08-07
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Samsung TV moves frequently. The Wall will launch a thinner size next year. Samsung TV has been a big move in recent years. At the beginning of this year, the 146-inch "The Wall" MicroLED flagship TV was launched. Recently, Han Jong-hee, the president of Samsung Display, announced once again that the company will continue to launch a thinner version next year, when the Samsung TV The Wall will be reduced from 80mm thickness. 30MM, directly positioning the high-end home market, leading the technological transformation of the entire industry.

For the core technology included in the thinner version of Samsung TV, the company's vice president revealed, "Since Samsung TV's proprietary advanced flip chip bonding technology will be used, Samsung Micro LED display will be completely different from previous LED products. This is a method for interconnecting a semiconductor device such as an integrated circuit chip with a solder bump deposited on a chip pad to an external circuit.

Yoo said that in addition to the chip manufacturing process, this upcoming Micro LED display with unmatched black and color contrast will feature ultra-low-reflection black technology, new color-enhanced LED chip technology and advanced seismic technology. In addition, for a 4K Micro LED Samsung TV, it requires 24 million LEDs, and four such TVs require a total of 100 million LEDs.

According to Samsung officials, due to Samsung's innovative chip structure technology, its Micro LED display has a lifetime of approximately 100,000 hours, far exceeding the life of its competitor OLED display.

A 73-inch MicroLED TV was also shown at the conference, but Samsung TV did not allow public photos of journalists.

It is reported that the 146-inch "The Wall" has been scheduled for acceptance since June, and will be mass-produced in September, produced by the Ho Chi Minh factory in Vietnam.

The Wall is made up of a number of square MicroLED modules. Consumers can customize the size and shape they want, but its borders still exist under the finest look, forming a checkerboard on the overall screen. The feeling, what it will eventually look like, will be known in September.

OLED technology has been criticized by consumers because of the problem of burning screen. This is the most fundamental reason why Samsung TV bypasses OLED and adopts QLED. It is reported that Samsung is embarking on the development of MicroLED technology and will promote the replacement of mobile phone products. The OLED is replaced by a MicroLED. According to the person in charge of Samsung TV, compared with traditional LED TVs, MicroLED TVs will save more power and at the same time effectively avoid the phenomenon of burn-in.

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