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Date: 2018-08-03
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LED is leading the lighting industry innovation, lighting installation industry status and future de

日期: 2018-08-03
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Global lighting leader Yannuo recently released a research report on professional electrical installation service providers around the world, which details the current status and future development of the lighting installation industry, reflecting the lighting industry's continuous advancement towards LEDs. Effect

The study pointed out that for electrical installation service providers, low product prices are no longer decisive in new business bidding, and personal good reputation in the industry has become a factor that customers pay more attention to. About a quarter (23%) of respondents said that having a good reputation in the industry compared to price competition is an important guarantee for winning new projects.

In addition, about two-thirds (64%) of electrical installation service providers said that the use of industry-leading, reliable lighting products is an important prerequisite for the successful completion of the project. 55% of respondents said they suffered losses due to poor quality lighting products. The data is as high as 73% and 70% in China and Indonesia. Even the best feedback in Denmark and Germany, about one-third of the victims. . Among all brands, Philips brand lighting products are favored by the most respondents (69%).

The competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the personal reputation of professional electrical installation service providers has become the key to winning the bid.

The rapid growth of the lighting industry is accompanied by profound changes. The fierce market competition not only promotes the continuous improvement of lighting technology, but also causes the continuous decline of product prices. 62% of respondents believe that the lighting installation service field is very competitive today, and more than half of them (53%) have experienced excessive bidding for the same project.

In this context, professional electrical installation service providers pay more attention to the maintenance of personal reputation than ever before, and regard it as the most important reason to stand out from the competition. In addition, product knowledge display, on time and quality are completed. And previous cooperation experience is also an important factor in winning the bid. Interestingly, offering a low offer is considered to be the least influential factor in convincing customers to win the project, and only 18% of respondents believe that price is a core factor in getting the project.

Customer needs are becoming more complex, and professional electrical installation service providers are seeking more training support.

This competition spans the entire lighting industry – and it is a coincidence that savvy and sophisticated customers and disruptive technologies are revolutionizing the role of electrical installers, who become lighting consultants and experts for complex projects.

Research shows that 71% of respondents said that customers would seek advice from them on lighting products, and 70% of respondents said they agreed with their recommendations. Of course, customers also get information on the latest technologies in lighting through various other channels, such as the Internet (60%), wholesalers/suppliers (47%) or architects/lighting designers (56%), and diverse information. The acquisition channel also gives customers the confidence to question the products recommended by the installer.

In fact, nearly half (48%) of respondents said they had experienced a customer's disapproval of recommended products, and 44% said they would recommend the right product for their customers. When asked what kind of support is needed, nearly half (48%) of respondents said they would like more help to sell and advise customers. In China, 84% of respondents agree.

To help professional electrical installation service providers improve their skills and prepare for the future, 昕诺飞 provides a comprehensive guide to improving advanced training programs, tools, resources, and helping them understand product information and make decisions. At the same time, Yannuofei set up a lighting university for electrical installation service providers - an online portal and localized LED promotion platform for them to build and grow together, providing all knowledge and advice related to lighting.

LED is leading the lighting industry innovation

LEDs and smart connected lighting are revolutionizing the world of commercial lighting. More than half (51%) of respondents believe that the technology is profoundly and positively affecting their work and the industry as a whole. Another 47% of respondents believe that the use of these advanced technologies will continue to increase in the future.

LED lighting is replacing incandescent and fluorescent lamps worldwide. Currently, 62% of respondents worldwide choose LED as their primary lighting product. This conversion was mainly due to the consideration of LED energy efficiency (47%). At the same time, respondents also indicated that customers recognized the low maintenance cost (33%) and long-life comprehensive return performance (31%) of LED products.

Although the advantages of LEDs are obvious, their global promotion still faces challenges. 35% of global respondents believe that the biggest difficulty is the price factor, and respondents from the UK and China have the strongest response (data close to 50%). This requires them to more fully consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of LEDs, not just the initial costs.

At the same time, 35% of respondents said that the use of LED products is based on the customer's personal preferences, so the promotion of customer popularity is also necessary. In this competitive and technological shift, professional electrical installation service providers should play a trusted advisory role. Professional tools, including the Philips Total Lighting Cost of Ownership Calculator, help them better explain that LED lighting is more cost effective than traditional lighting throughout its life cycle.

a vision for the future

Professional electrical installation service providers around the world have a good vision for future career development, and the proportion of ideas and technologies that are expected to focus more on lighting product installations has reached 32% and 30% respectively. 54% of respondents hope to continue to work in the next 10 years. At the same time, among the 41% of respondents who plan to retire, the proportion of business transferred to relatives or employees is 21%, and the other 20% will sell or terminate business, which will increase the pressure on the next generation to acquire the necessary technology and training. .

“More and more professional electrical installation service providers realize that customers not only pay attention to price in lighting projects, but also their personal reputation, knowledge of products and whether to use reliable, high-quality lighting products have become a factor for customers. At the same time, lighting technology is constantly innovating, and customers are becoming more aware of the industry. In order to meet the increasingly stringent needs of customers, they must have the ability to provide more professional advice.” 昕诺飞 Global LED Tube Products Leading person Leonie Jansen said, “Our research aims to understand their concerns and challenges and help them achieve long-term success. Among them, the world's leading high-quality LED products are professional electrical installation service providers to meet customer needs and achieve lighting. The best partner for creativity."

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