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Date: 2018-08-03
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Intelligent led display is called new air outlet

日期: 2018-08-03
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The development of conventional led display has reached a bottleneck period. As a led display manufacturer, it must find a new development direction, clear its own positioning, innovative development, and intelligent led display becomes a new air outlet.

Intelligentization will be another outlet for the development of LED displays. Nowadays, the concept of intelligence has become more and more skilled and widely used in various fields of production and life. This is the inevitable result of the progress of the times, and it is also an area that deserves to be extended to a deeper level. Intelligentization is also the trend of modern human civilization development, and the LED display industry has gradually integrated this element, and more intelligent technology has been realized, so that the LED display that is already dull and dull in people's image is also full. Smart and vital.

Intelligent product upgrade has always been one of the development priorities of the LED display industry, and it is also an inevitable trend in the future display products. In 2017, from the perspective of product development in the terminal market and major industry exhibitions, the current intelligent LED display is more inclined to intelligent upgrade of software, control systems, operating platforms, etc., while at the same time, The upgrade of intelligent LED display with the core of "satisfying the user's actual operating experience" has gradually become the focus of product innovation in the industry.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the scale of China's artificial intelligence market reached 23.9 billion yuan last year, and it is expected to exceed 38 billion yuan in 2018. The intelligent LED display is the best proof of enhancing user intimacy and operational experience. In fact, the future LED display will also throw away the stereotype image of the cold display terminal. It will be based on infrared sensor technology, touch function, speech recognition, 3D, VR/AR and other technologies to interact with the audience. Smart display carrier.

Intelligent LED display can make more users have more realistic scene experience. When people interact with LED display, it creates a scene with a combination of situations, which makes it easier to put people's emotions and feelings into the display. Throughout the VR market, VR products and LED screens are inseparable. Moreover, from the perspective of the VR industry chain, the LED display is the most basic and most important hardware facilities. The LED display with better image quality can undoubtedly significantly enhance the user experience of VR products.

VR technology is bound to become the new protagonist of the next technology era, and this is both an opportunity and a challenge for LED displays.

As an innovative LED display manufacturer, Jucaiyuan Optoelectronics represents a floor tile led display and an interactive led display to realize the interaction of character and break the display of the conventional led display, so that the LED display can be played to the extreme. Led transparent screen and led wind screen as a transparent display family products, is the eye-catching artifact of the business, the representative product of black technology.

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