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Date: 2018-08-02
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LED explosion-proof lighting system features

日期: 2018-08-02
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LED explosion-proof lighting system features

Cooling system features

Carefully designed three-cavity independent structure to ensure stable operation of all electronic components

Carefully designed heat sink hot air channel with air guiding structure to ensure the service life of LED light source

Careful design of independent power supply cavity structure, power supply work is not affected by LED heat, ensuring stable and long life of work


Performance characteristics:

1. The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, high-voltage electrostatic spray on the surface, and tempered glass lampshade.

2. The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with high voltage.

3, tempered glass lampshade, stainless steel exposed fasteners.

4, fastened with joint bolts, can be quickly opened, easy to install for maintenance.

5, high efficiency and energy saving: LED is the light source with high luminous efficiency so far, the same illumination can save 50% to 70% than traditional light source, that is, the smaller lighting LED lamps can replace the traditional lamps with larger power, and the same lighting effect can be obtained. Is the choice to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

6, long life: LED is a solid light source, no filament fuse, electrode aging and other drawbacks, the average life of more than 50,000 hours, is the long-life light source to date, long-term maintenance-free use.

7. Safe and reliable: LED adopts DC low voltage power supply, the heat generation is much lower than the traditional electric light source, and does not generate high frequency electromagnetic field, and does not form electromagnetic interference to peripheral equipment; LED uses epoxy solid package, impact resistance, vibration resistance, Not easy to break.

8. Green and environmental protection: The emission spectrum of LED is completely in the visible light range, no ultraviolet radiation, no mercury, no heavy metal pollution; no filament leakage, glass breakage, flammability and toxic substances leakage and other environmental hazards.



Whole lamp structure characteristics

With IIC-grade explosion-proof structure and IP66 protection grade, it has excellent explosion-proof protection performance.

High borosilicate tempered glass for high energy impact

All exposed fasteners and accessories are made of stainless steel with high corrosion resistance

With an integrated emergency chamber, no additional emergency box is required. Easy to install and repair

The connection method of the top cavity opening cover is convenient for the user to connect and repair, and the ceiling type, the pipe hanging type, the suction wall type, the guardrail type and the flange type installation manner can be selected by the customer.

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