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Date: 2018-08-02
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Taixing Electric's new launch of night patrol super bright LED rechargeable lighting

日期: 2018-08-02
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In recent years, there has been a wave of camping in Taiwan, which has greatly increased the demand for outdoor lighting at night. However, the current products on the market are usually insufficient in brightness to provide an excellent lighting environment. Or the lighting time is too short. During the power outage period, the old products can only be stopped. Especially in this Tainan earthquake disaster, it is even more prominent in the dilemma of insufficient lighting time for general lighting.

So what is an excellent lighting? Li Zhaomin, manager of Taixing Electric Business Department, pointed out that a fully functional lighting must have the following characteristics: sufficient brightness must be provided to provide a sufficiently safe lighting environment at night to avoid the risk of falling; there must be long-lasting lighting time. Emergency lighting or general lighting on the market, lighting time is often insufficient, can not provide long-lasting lighting; at the same time must also have the function of automatic lighting after power failure, in case of power failure, it can immediately light up to protect the escape safety.

Taixing Electric's new night patrol super bright LED rechargeable lighting, using the new SMD packaging technology LED chip, the light is bright, providing sufficient night lighting; with automatic power off function, once the typhoon, earthquake and other sudden factors Lead to power failure, you can immediately light up to provide lighting, provide a safe lighting environment; use Taiwan's general lead-acid battery specifications, subsequent replacement is easy to worry; ultra-large capacity battery can provide long-lasting lighting for more than 50 hours; with USB charging output Function, can provide emergency power supply for mobile phones or 3C products; new over-charge safety mechanism design to extend product life.

Taixing Electrician Night Detector Super Bright LED Rechargeable Light, with automatic power-off function for power failure, Taiwan-standard replaceable battery, up to 50 hours of long-lasting lighting, additional USB charging output function, super bright LED chip, portable wall hanging Dual-use, and has a charging safety mechanism. Taixing Electrician Night Detector Super Bright LED rechargeable lighting is widely used for outdoor, camping, power outage, auto repair, security, earthquake, fire and so on. National Express House, Carrefour, RT-Mart, and online shopping are all available.

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