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Date: 2018-08-01
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How to use LED lamps in hotel lighting projects

日期: 2018-08-01
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How to use LED lamps in the hotel lighting project, the lighting designer in the hotel's architectural design, fully penetrates the whole of the lighting design, draws inspiration from the point and line of LED downlights and lights, highlights the hotel life culture, and meets Modern people's pursuit of living quality. Learn more about the series of lamps represented by LED downlights and strips, how to use LED lamps in hotel lighting projects to create a light environment worthy of scrutiny.

LED lighting to create light and shadow art in hotel lighting projects

If the interior decoration has fixed the value of the hotel lighting, then the lighting design extends its charm. Hotel lighting gives the space more vivid emotions, to create a light and shadow art as the orientation, advocates the space aesthetically restrained, elegant, attention to detail texture, the light itself is warm and comfortable, combined with light and architecture, natural and traceless performance The hotel's light luxury.

The compact and compact LED downlights provide a uniform ambient light for the hotel's pre-function area. The circular mask of 1.5mm thickness fits into the ceiling and blends with it, making it almost impossible to detect their presence. In the LED light strip of the inner slot of the ceiling in the shape of a box, the light is soft and gentle, which provides auxiliary illumination for the point-type lighting of the downlight. In aesthetics, it plays a decorative lighting role that creates a layered sense. This coordinated decorative effect makes the public space leading to the lobby full of whimsical and avant-garde visual features, and also conveys the brand attitude of the hotel's 100-year-old heritage - quiet elegance.

LED lighting for indirect lighting in hotel lighting projects

Throughout the design process of the hotel lighting, the designer used a lot of softer and more comfortable indirect lighting to soften the space, and fully combined the functional features of each area of the hotel to make the hotel's exquisiteness, comfort and humanity. Unite. The lamps used in the entire lighting optimization process: LED downlights, LED strips, LED grille lights, LED spotlights, etc.

The lighting of the hotel rooms is biased towards comfort and functionality. Therefore, the indoor downlight uses a low-power embedded anti-glare LED downlight, and the small-diameter LED downlight is designed as a thin edge. It is small and exquisite, and its structure design is very good. Control the direction of light, eliminate glare, and at the same time, high color rendering, allowing guests to read books and mobile phones more clearly and accurately under the lights. In addition, the LED downlights are also used for sub-control, which makes the lighting of the whole room more intelligent and rational, and gives the guests a warm sense of belonging.

In general, how to use LED lamps in the hotel lighting project, the LED downlights are equally dotted, combined with a large number of lights to create a soft and soft light, which makes the hotel a soft and elegant lighting environment. Coupled with the exquisite and exquisite environmental structure, the hotel is closer to real life, and it can be seen that the acceptance of the hotel lighting project is full of thoughts on the overall lighting scheme.

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