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Date: 2018-07-30
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Splicing processing technology of micro-pitch LED display

日期: 2018-07-30
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The micro-pitch LED display has been used more and more in the command center hall, control room, conference center, etc. due to the advantages of true seamless splicing, high price, superior color reproduction, and near-perfect display. Key occasions.

A complete micro-pitch LED display system consists of a back-end micro-pitch LED display processing system and a front-end image splicing processing system. Through a large-screen control management software, various hardware devices in the system are effectively controlled and processed, and finally each signal is realized. According to people's requirements, the screen is perfectly displayed. The advantages of Voury's micro-pitch LED large-screen display system are high system integration. The whole system is centrally controlled and managed by a set of control management software, except for image processing system, display unit equipment management, and control of various signal display modes. It can also control related peripheral devices such as RGB matrix and video matrix to achieve high integration and centralized control of multiple systems.

Let's take a look at the difference between Vorey's micro-pitch LED display and other large-screen display technologies (such as DLP, LCD). Based on these differences, we can determine which features of the traditional application image splicer must be modified or added to apply. Our micro-pitch LED display.

Compared with the traditional large-screen display technology, the Voray Zhuohua micro-pitch LED display has the advantages of longer service life, better display effect, true seamless splicing, energy saving, environmental protection and low noise, but the biggest difference is actually reflected in In terms of its form, the traditional DLP or LCD splicing display unit has standard resolution input support, while the micro-pitch LED display is mostly non-standard resolution;

Another difference is that the traditional large-screen display units are mostly large in size and resolution, while the micro-pitch LED display unit takes into account the smoothness of the arc-shaped splicing and the limitation of the dot pitch, and the unit case has a small size and a small resolution. The splicing composition is matched with the sending card and the receiving card to achieve the final display, and the connection between the sending card and the front-end image processor is mostly not the standard resolution;

A key application of the splicer is to output multiple DVI signals and splicing multiple display screens in a matrix to make it a logically complete display area.

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