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Date: 2018-07-27
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UV LED disinfection, or will usher in a blue ocean under the LED

日期: 2018-07-27
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The world's largest maternal and child exhibition - the 18th CBME China Pregnancy and Child Show, (hereinafter referred to as 2018 CBME China) kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The exhibition showed a total of 4332 brands of pregnant and babies from all over the world. The number of categories and the wide range of fields involved is unprecedented.

At the exhibition, various brands competed and displayed a series of highlight products, and the most eye-catching one was the “59 seconds” brand focused on deep ultraviolet LED disinfection, bringing black technology into the maternal and child disinfection market. It not only meets the new needs of the modern family lifestyle, but also drives the new growth of the pregnant and child industry.

Large demand for disinfection, broad market at home and abroad

With the expansion of China's baby-raising market, the maternal and child market has become a must for businesses. After 85-90, mothers became the mainstay of consumption, and their demand for high-quality life was also reflected in the consumption level of baby-care products. In the face of ubiquitous bacteria, almost all mothers are "timids."

In addition, China's disinfection products industry research analysis and development trend forecast report (2017-2022) shows that North American and European disinfectant production is close to 60% of the global total, followed by Asia, accounting for 19.8% of global production. It mainly produces traditional disinfectants.

It can be seen that for the disinfection demand, whether it is the domestic maternal and child market, or the global market is very broad.

What is the breakthrough of LED disinfection in the commercial sea surrounded by competing products?

The young group has gradually become the main consumer of the market, and the trend of minimalism, individualization and fashion has become more apparent. Even for disinfection products, they have many requirements, not only for fast speed, good effect, simple use, but also portable and "face value".

There are many disinfection products on the market, but the overall situation is uneven. "59 seconds" tailored the "59 seconds" series of products for the user's real pain point needs. LED disinfection technology can kill germs in a very short period of time, with an efficiency of up to 99.9%, and does not contain any harmful substances, health and environmental protection.

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"The various advantages of LED disinfection may be the magic weapon for us to break through in the fierce disinfection industry!" said Ouyang Chenyi, the founder of "59 Seconds" brand.

LED ultraviolet light, a bunch of artificial "sunlight"

When it comes to LEDs, many people think of LED lights, and few people associate it with "UV disinfection."

Ultraviolet light is a light with a wavelength of 10 to 400 nanometers (nm). It can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of the organism, destroy DNA, and kill various pathogens, such as bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, and fungi. However, the UVC in the sun is blocked by the ozone layer and cannot reach the earth and cannot be used by people.

With the advancement of technology, people finally have new discoveries - the production of ultraviolet light through LED. LED deep ultraviolet light does not produce ozone, does not cause secondary pollution, does not add any chemicals, and is environmentally friendly. UV disinfection is very common, but more is used in public places such as kindergartens, restaurants, hospitals, etc., and the daily penetration rate of families is very low.

LED disinfection, will be integrated into the homes of ordinary people

However, the application of deep ultraviolet LED disinfection technology has never stopped.

On May 29th, in the UVLED forum hosted by LG Innotek, one of the world's leading manufacturers, Ouyang Chenyi, the founder of the “59 Seconds” brand, demonstrated the disinfection application of LED UV in the forum. Other participating companies also demonstrated the application of UV in different fields, such as the home appliance industry and water disinfection.

On June 12, the US company BOLB announced an external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 12.2% on a fully transparent deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UVC LED). This breakthrough paves the way for UVC LEDs to achieve near-visible LED efficiency in the next few years.

The progress of LED disinfection technology has benefited from the development of the LED industry. At present, the global LED market is mainly in the fields of indoor general lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, backlight and outdoor LED large screen. In the next 3-5 years, with the maturity of technology and the decline of cost, LED will be further expanded in automotive lighting, special lighting, small-pitch LED display, and deep-UV LED disinfection.

Whether it is the increase in people's demand for the disinfection market, or the advantages of LED disinfection technology itself, or with the vigorous development of the LED industry, deep ultraviolet LED disinfection, or will become the next blue ocean in the LED industry.

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