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Date: 2018-07-26
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See how LED displays can expand smart city applications from the light pole screen

日期: 2018-07-26
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As most of the population flooded into urban areas, key urban systems such as water, electricity and transportation were overwhelmed and nearly collapsed. In 2012, China's first batch of 90 smart city pilot lists were released. The basic point of smart cities is that they can easily find the fastest commute route, water supply and power supply, and the streets are safer. Today's consumers are increasingly dominant, and they hope that while the city will incur population inflows and achieve economic growth, their own quality of life requirements can be met.

After several years of urban construction, the construction of smart cities has made great progress, but there are still many places to be improved. In many unknown corners of the city, the "wisdom" of smart cities has not been felt. However, the recent light pole screen has smashed the major industry media portals, and the light pole screen has ushered in a big explosion with the promotion of smart cities.

In recent years, the light pole screen has a dazzling performance in many cities. Like in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, the first batch of smart light pole screens were piloted as early as 2016, and the function is very powerful. In addition to the basic functions of road lighting, it integrates Wi-Fi along the street, camera, voice broadcast, display, signage, environmental detection (PM2.5), weather detection, mobile phone charging, car charging pile and many other functions. . Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Beijing all have LED light pole screen pilot projects, and the actual results have also been accepted and recognized by relevant government departments.

The light pole screen can have its own unique advantages in various cities. From the comparison of the light box advertisements replaced by the LED light pole screen, there are many advantages. The LED light pole screen can display dynamic video advertisements and can express more publicity. The content is also more eye-catching, the light pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception, synchronous playback, etc., plus a design with a viewing angle of more than 140 degrees, in the rushed place of the road, even sitting in the moving vehicle, Nor will you miss the content of the ad. Driving on the highway, no matter how far the car is, there is always the companionship of the content of the high-definition street light screen, which has a considerable effect on relieving the driver's fatigue driving.

As far as the light pole screen itself is concerned, there is no special technical barrier in the production. Compared with the traditional outdoor screen, there is a unique advantage in the installation, which can achieve such practical results. In addition to these advantages, there is also a smart city policy support. It also benefits from its painful focus on integrating information. It is well integrated into the surrounding environment, breaking the limitations of traditional media advertising information, changing the status quo of the traditional display is not enough brightness, information is not convenient enough. The realization of the simulcast and joint transmission has reversed this pain point through networking.

From the point of view of advertising volume, the light box advertisement can only be an advertisement. It is not only a small amount of trouble to replace it, but also a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The effect is not good, and the light pole screen With a powerful control system, you can control the changes to the light pole screen ads with the help of the control system. Its life span is also very long, the degree of light decay is relatively small, relatively durable, and the service life is generally 10 years.

Smart LED light pole screen can not only play multimedia content such as audio, video, text, etc., but also connect to Wi-Fi via mobile phone, monitor road video information, and display environmental data such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and PM2.5 value. It can also broadcast information such as convenience services to realize business value and people's livelihood service functions. People can pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment in a timely manner and make corresponding life and production responses.

As of the first half of 2018, China's total expressway mileage was nearly 140,000 kilometers, and the total length of highways reached nearly 5 million kilometers. The mileage scale ranked first in the world. The increase in highway construction has promoted the vigorous development of outdoor advertising industry, making the market a light pole. The demand for screens is also growing. With the naked eye 3D and VR, AR and other technologies mature, the future of the light pole screen will have more possibilities, and the development of the light pole screen will also usher in a big explosive trend.

As an important subdivision of LED display, the development of LED light pole screen will definitely drive the development of the entire LED display industry. Throughout the entire Chinese LED display industry, the big but not strong state has not been able to reverse, and this state has changed. The most important thing is to form core competitiveness, which requires each enterprise to have advanced technology, perfect after-sales service, and then form brand competitiveness.

At present, many enterprises in the LED display industry are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. Many of these small and medium-sized enterprises are miserable in the homogenization of the industry and the chaos of price wars. What can be done to make money. These companies are in a state of chaos and chaos. No matter what kind of screens are in the subdivision, as long as there is a market, they can find ways to get into it. Whether it is a traditional screen, a transparent screen or a strip screen, they want to get involved, resulting in many business and technical miscellaneous. Not a company that is not specialized but not refined.

As the saying goes: greed is not bad! This is the survival status of many enterprises, but also the reason why the industry is big but not strong. No matter what screen the customer wants, the company can claim to do it. Many companies have no special features and expertise. In Shenzhen, there are countless companies that produce LED displays, and there are only a handful of companies that do not make other screens. These companies do not have the strength of large enterprises, but also distract their own energy, so how to form competitiveness?

To be small, we should get the enlightenment from the success of the LED light bar screen to the development of the entire LED display industry. First of all, relying on the great situation of building smart cities everywhere, the construction of smart cities will undoubtedly create opportunities for the explosion of LED light pole screens. Then, can the entire LED display industry catch up with smart cities? The answer is yes.

In addition, the heat of the pole screen is also benefited by the integration of many high-tech technologies and surrounding information. The high-tech technology gives people a feeling of height, even without high-tech, and many of the technologies we know can bring Different sparks, and the surrounding information makes the single product of the pole screen into the local area, very grounded. Our LED large screens should be like this, combined with more high-tech technology in technology, returning to life in application and becoming grounded. In this way, the LED display industry can definitely have a different situation.

While the LED display industry wants to be truly strong, it is necessary to intensively cultivate various sub-divisions. Each segment must have more companies to conduct research and form their own core competitiveness. Only in this way will the LED display industry be Getting better and better.

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