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Date: 2018-07-25
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The importance of restaurant lighting LED lamps

日期: 2018-07-25
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What is the catering lighting scene, the catering lighting scene is to target a specific group of people and provide them with a corresponding light environment, so that consumers can immediately put your catering lighting scene when there is a certain need for catering. Docked in a limited mental resource.

The lighting design of the restaurant is somewhat consistent with its sub-brands in the overall lighting style. The warm colors of 2800K are used to suppress the color tone, emphasizing the quality of the restaurant and the profound cultural connotation. The comfortable lighting environment can meet the needs of consumers and friends for gatherings and leisure gatherings. After the correct use of lighting design, restaurant lighting can change the environment and size of the space, cover up the defects of the site conditions; coordinate the conflicts of different shapes, decorations and materials; bring strong emotions, adjust the atmosphere and reduce costs.

Secondly, the importance of restaurant lighting LED lamps

Have you noticed that fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and their storefronts are basically red in color, which is no accident. In fact, if you look closely at other brands of fast food chains, such as real Kung Fu, Yonghe soy milk, etc., they are basically warm colors such as red and orange from the trademark to the storefront. Studies have shown that colors such as red and yellow can stimulate hunger and appetite, while also giving people a feeling of happiness and friendliness. So as a fast food culture, red, orange or yellow has become the main choice for its main color.

This reflects the importance of LED lighting in restaurant lighting. In general, warm light sources look warmer. Psychological research shows that warm light can stimulate appetite and make people closer to each other. Most dishes are warm colors and do not deviate from the true color when illuminated by warm light. Restaurant lighting design must be adapted to its positioning and style, and different restaurant types require different light source systems. Such as: McDonald's, KFC as a casual dining, dining objects are mostly women and children, lighting is mainly bright; coffee, Western restaurants and other main romantic mood cards, lighting is better.

Catering brands have the same sense of crisis in the context of competitors changing their designs to consumers and the changing aesthetics of consumers after 90s. Catering consumption has entered the era of lighting environment, consumers have high demands on the dining environment and quality, and dining is no longer for the sake of the belly, but becomes a comprehensive experience of social, entertainment and entertainment.

In summary, the importance of restaurant lighting LED lamps is mentioned. A successful catering must be a more comfortable lighting environment and restaurant features, so that consumers can have an atmosphere, a feeling, and a feeling. In some ways, the added value outside of eating has increased. In addition to giving people visual differences and artistic enjoyment, the lighting color design of the dining space can also change the internal environment of the dining space to create a certain atmosphere. And these depend on the spatial and psychological effects of lighting design.

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