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Date: 2018-07-25
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Seoul Semiconductor will supply LED SunLike products to three US high-end lighting brands

日期: 2018-07-25
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Global LED company Seoul Semiconductor will supply LED SunLike products to three high-end lighting brands such as Pure Edge LighTIng, LEDRAbrands and Elite LighTIng.

Seoul Semiconductor supplies SunLike to chandelier products from Pure Edge, a US lighting solutions company. These products will be used in museums and galleries that require the highest quality. Lighting design companies LEDRAbrands and Elite LighTIng plan to use SunLike for downlights and spotlights

LEDRAbrands' general manager Alex Ladjevardi said: "Shenzhen Semiconductor's LED SunLike is the core product of human lighting, consumers can live in a healthier light. In the future, we will continue to use Seoul Semiconductor SunLike products to create a more distinctive, not dazzling, A colorful lighting environment."

Since the launch of the product with the Toshiba material in Frankfurt, Germany on June 29 last year, SunLike has been recognized for its differentiated value and technical competitiveness. The products have been supplied to the global home lighting and smart desks in the US, Europe, China, Japan, etc. Use the lighting market.

"SunLike" is a natural light LED jointly developed by Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials. The combination of Seoul Semiconductor's optical semiconductor technology and Toshiba's TRI-R* solar spectroscopy technology creates the closest light to sunlight. By reducing the spectrum of the near-sun light formed by the blue peak, it helps to stabilize the human biological rhythm and improve the color sharpness of things.

The analysis result of "SunLike" COB blue light release was obtained in November last year by the Korea Experimental Research Institute for eye safety RG-1 certification. This certification is only available for safe light sources that are not at risk of photobiological hazards.

Mr. Son MinSu, vice president of global marketing for Seoul Semiconductor, said: "In recent days, SunLike product introductions have been published in mainstream overseas media and have attracted the attention of global customers. In order to make Seoul Semiconductor SunLike a new trend in the global lighting market, we will go all out. ”

The TRI-R developed by Toshiba Materials is defined as "the light most similar to sunlight." Developed by this company, SunLike is an LED white light source technology that replicates the solar spectrum.

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