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Date: 2018-07-21
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LED advanced intelligent lighting timing is ripe

日期: 2018-07-21
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LED is used in life lighting to gradually develop related applications, user habits and product awareness are gradually enhanced, coupled with environmental protection, energy-saving awareness, the development of intelligent lighting technology based on LED energy-saving light source is poised for development, however, the development process is still embarrassing It is necessary to construct relevant intelligent lighting standards to promote the active development of the intelligent lighting application market...

It is quite common to use the new generation of energy-saving light source LEDs for daily life. For example, LED lamp bulbs, ceiling lamps, LED light panels and other energy-saving lamps that have been upgraded and replaced by the mainstream of home applications have been replaced by conventionally replaced upgraded lamps. Gradually, non-conventional lighting panels, light strips and other main lighting or ambient lighting applications are also gradually expanding market usage, not only the cost of LED light source lamps continues to bottom, but also the energy-saving benefits brought by LED light sources have gradually been Accepted by the end consumer.

The new generation of intelligent lighting can be connected through the Wi-Fi home network environment, and connected with smart lights to directly control the brightness, color temperature and opening time of the lighting environment with tablet computers and smart phones.

Not only household LED lighting applications have gradually opened up the application market. For public lighting, environmental lighting and other applications, LED lighting sources are also actively tapping into application areas. For example, there are gradual applications in street lighting, horn lights and indicating public lighting applications. Increase the trend of introducing LED energy-saving light sources.

Although the energy-saving benefits brought by the introduction of energy-saving lighting facilities have been initially available, in fact, the intelligent lighting value-added application of LEDs has not been realized, which requires not only R&D, performance testing, lighting regulations/inspection standards, and intelligent lighting application standards. In addition to positive improvements in all aspects, in addition to energy-saving development, the lamps can further expand the practical benefits of introducing intelligent development of LED new generation lighting sources.

Although the LED industry is gradually expanding its related applications in the lighting application market, in fact, the corresponding standards for testing, verification and lighting are not fixed, and it is not possible to compare product features and performance under the fair conditions of equal products. The abnormal development of the environmentally-friendly light source lamp market will also become a key issue hindering the introduction of related applications.

In addition to the basic lighting fixture energy efficiency and life evaluation benchmark issues, for the new generation of smart luminaires, there is no mainstream standard to follow in the market. It is often the corresponding LED luminaire manufacturers to develop closed intelligent lighting applications, resulting in intelligent lighting systems. The flexibility of horizontal expansion and cross-label integration is relatively low. Although smart lighting is highly topical, further integration without standards will also allow consumers to retreat.

The LED lighting industry invests in intelligent integration to create differentiated value.

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