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Date: 2018-07-20
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LED set fish lamp has obvious advantages. Jade crystal accelerates layout.

日期: 2018-07-20
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Since the surface fishlights need to be installed on fishing vessels, and the deep seawater fishlights need to be installed on the towline, the market situation of the fishlights and the market trend of general lighting have similar models, namely, alternative markets and new markets. .

The alternative market refers to the trawling of underwater fishlights of fish boats and metal halide lamps that have been equipped with metal halide fish lamps. For the purpose of service life, life and energy consumption, the new LED lighting fixtures are preferred. Replace and update.

The new market refers to the newly built fishing vessels and trawls with new technologies, such as the variable water trawling and the installation and configuration of the surface LED fishing lights and the deep seawater LED fishing lights as essential fishing facilities. To increase its efficiency and catch.

Compared with LED fishing lights, traditional lamps not only have high light decay and high damage rate, but also cause high temperature due to high temperature. Therefore, in recent years, LED fishlights have been gradually developed, and the captain controls the light source. The lights are adjusted to change with the change of the fish population, and the net profit of the fish collection operation is increased. It can also adjust the light color to white light, red light and blue light according to the needs of fishing operations to attract different fish species.

In the past three years, Yujingguang has developed a fish-fishing lamp for fishing boat fishing. It was officially launched in December last year and has made considerable progress in the near future. With 100 fishing boats in the former township of Kaohsiung, there are already more than 30 installations.

Chen Tianqing, chairman of Yujingguang, pointed out that he is actively exploring the fishery market in mainland China. According to the local 3,500 fishing boats, he has already obtained one-third of the installed capacity. The unit price of each set of fishing lights is about 10,000 yuan. In terms of the renminbi, there are also many contributions.

Chen Tianqing emphasized that Yujingguang's fish-lights can be installed through pipelines and can use seawater to cool down. Compared with traditional fish-collecting lamps, a single trip to the sea can save up to 6 million yuan in electricity bills, thus shaping the export monument. The performance will be better. He analyzed that in terms of market competition, the evaluation and benefits of LED lighting lamps introduced by Yu Jingguang, as well as the ability to resist rust and water seepage, are far superior to those of Samsung and local brands.

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