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Date: 2018-07-19
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Patent will be an important means of shuffling LED display industry

日期: 2018-07-19
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At present, many Chinese manufacturing companies are on the road from cost competition to technological innovation. The LED display industry is also facing such a change. In the construction of global technology and product development systems, the entire industry chain must be strengthened. Cooperation and innovation can better achieve industrial upgrading.

In recent years, the “patent” competition speed of the screen enterprises in the industry has accelerated, and the competition in the market has been considered. “Patent competition” reflects an important fact: the current LED display manufacturing industry is not only costing, but also with continuous R&D investment. Leading companies are forming a “moat” of their own patented technology. As some industry insiders predict: In the future, the patent lawsuit with intellectual property as the core will show a new momentum in the industry, and may even become an important means for the LED display industry to reshuffle in the next few years.

The industrial environment has been upgraded, and the screen enterprises have accelerated the patent layout!

In recent years, industry news on patent infringement and rights protection has been frequently exposed. Intermec continues to seek a review of the invalidation of Mitsubishi nitride red powder patent, Yiguang accused Puri Optoelectronics patent infringement, Seoul Semiconductor also actively launched LED patent defense war, Shenzhen LED screen enterprise in the US was sued for patent infringement and so on. All of these events are transmitting a signal that the current industry, whether upstream or downstream, is paying more attention to patent rights and increasing the determination to protect patent property rights.

Last year, the industry triggered a "patent fever": Liede, Lehman, Alto and other leading screen companies continued to win a number of related patents. At one time, the patent strength competition became a game between the big screen enterprises. Although there are also people in the industry who believe that the intellectual property business war between the leading screen companies is "compressive" for some small and medium-sized screen enterprises, it is undeniable that with the upgrading and transformation of China's LED display industry and the optimization of technical products. With the further development of the international market, this "patent competition" trend will become hotter and hotter.

The demand for innovation has increased, and the patent dispute is inevitable!

As we all know, although China's LED display industry market is huge, it can be said to be the leader of the global industry in terms of technology and products, but this does not mean that the development of China's LED display industry is safe and worry-free. China's LED display industry is still lagging behind in terms of technological innovation and patent strength. Take one of the hottest technologies in the industry: Micro LED display, China is not dominant from a global perspective.

Not only that, Samsung has already planned to market Micro LED TVs in Q3, and the domestic specific display products for Micro LEDs have not yet been seen. Therefore, in general, the road to the top of China's LED display industry is long and the road companies still need to constantly break through the bottlenecks of technology and product innovation, and focus on innovations in technology, products and solutions, and link the industrial chain. Upstream and downstream, effectively strengthen the technical foundation of industrial development and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. At the same time, we must also pay attention to improving the "patent" soft power of the screen enterprise, in order to gain an advantage in the future market competition.

In the era of rapid changes in technology and product upgrades, if LED screen enterprises do not insist on independent innovation and a lot of patent-protected umbrellas, it is easy to lose their competitive advantage and even go to the fate of being eliminated. It should be noted that with the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display industry, the original market competition means among enterprises has gradually become "stretched." At this time, patent litigation, which has both industry topicality and enterprise competitiveness, has been greatly enriched. Competition and contest between some giants. It can be seen that the future of patent competition is likely to become a "regular" means of competition between screen enterprises, just like low price wars, promotion wars, brand wars, and become a means for each screen company to compete with each other!

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