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Date: 2018-07-16
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What is the difference between incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, and now with LED lamps? W

日期: 2018-07-16
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The root of the difference between incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps is the change of illuminants. The term "energy-saving lamps" is problematic - its life is called "fluorescent lamp", "fluorescence", "incandescent" and "LED". They are all illuminants. When the fluorescent lamp just appeared, it is more energy efficient than the incandescent lamp, so it is also called "energy saving lamp". Now that it is more energy-efficient, it has already appeared, so it is not a real energy-saving lamp, it is just out of habit, and some people call it.

Which kind of light is good? In fact, this question does not need to be asked. It must be that the later the lamps appear, the better, that is, LED lights > fluorescent lights > incandescent lights. Their "good" is mainly reflected in the following three aspects (I have not studied it seriously, and I suddenly see three questions when I see the topic.

First, brightness

The ratio of brightness to power (that is, power consumption), the higher the luminaire, the more energy efficient. So why do fluorescent lamps save power compared to incandescent lamps? It means that the brightness of the fluorescent lamp is higher under the same power.

Here introduces a concept: "light effect." Refers to the value of one watt of electricity, converted into light energy (light flux, unit LM, lumens).

The LED lamp consumes 1W of electric energy and can obtain 70-80LM; the fluorescent lamp consumes 1W of electric energy to obtain 30-40LM; the incandescent lamp consumes 1W of electric energy, and 10LM can be obtained.

Second, color temperature

It is not easy to emit white light. The parameter used to describe the scale of the light source is called "color temperature." Incandescent lamps have not been able to emit white light until now, and fluorescent lamps will be better, but the color temperature range is limited. The color temperature of the LED lamp is adjustable, and the color temperature range includes sunlight. The tungsten lamp is 2760-2900K; the fluorescent lamp is 3000K

Third, life

The principle of illumination of incandescent lamps is very similar to that of candles. The roots are burning objects - incandescent lamps burn tungsten. Since it is "burning", there must be a day when it is burned. Therefore, the life of incandescent lamps is very limited.

The fluorescent lamp is slightly better by heating the gas inside the tube and using the gas to illuminate the tube wall. Gas heated for a long time is easy to leak, and a large voltage is generated when the lamp is turned on. Suddenly pressurizing the gas can easily cause damage to the fluorescent lamp - especially frequent switching.

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