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Date: 2018-07-16
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Membrane glass film: the main cause of glare for LED light

日期: 2018-07-16
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       LED has become synonymous with energy-saving and energy-saving. As the development direction of lamps, the state has vigorously supported and entrepreneurs are rushing to enter, but LED light is really perfect. Actually, LED lights are dazzling and glare, which is extremely harmful to the human eye. As a result, many high-end places still use traditional fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. If LEDs are so energy-efficient, they are abandoned because of glare. Is there any way to eliminate glare?


It is reported that there are four main reasons for the glare of LED lamps.

(1) Light source brightness factor: The higher the brightness, the more significant the glare.

(2) Light source position factor: The closer to the line of sight, the more significant the glare.

(3) Appearance size and quantity factor of the light source: The larger the apparent area, the more the number of light sources, the more significant the glare. (4) Environmental factors: The darker the ambient brightness, the lower the brightness of the eye, and the more significant the glare.

We all know that glare is very harmful to the eyes. The harm caused by glare is manifested in reducing the contrast between things and the surrounding, reflecting light causes visual difficulties, affecting the clarity of things we see, the eyes are easily stimulated, and the discomfort such as dim, glare, etc., is not conducive to us to see things. It even leads to catastrophic glare, such as the common eye disease cataract.

          How to solve the glare hazard caused by LED lamps, you can add an acrylic cover with a matte surface to the luminaire, so that the hidden light source can eliminate glare, but the light loss is great. In addition to starting from the light source itself, we can also start from the side, such as providing shelter for the light source. For example, put a glass film on the glass around us. The glass film can reduce glare and reflected light by 20%-80%. It will not cause discomfort to your eyes due to glare, so you can watch TV screen, TV and pass. The glass becomes more relaxed when you look far away, and it allows you to be free from glare when meeting important customers.

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