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Date: 2018-06-08
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Midea LED Company Introduces RGB ColorChase Flow LED Lighting Bar Lights

日期: 2018-06-08
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US LED company Environmental Lights recently introduced the RGB ColorChase LED bar light. Unlike the chasing strip light, which is manufactured using the latest technology, and a general color-changing strip light, this new luminaire will combine millions of color functions with individual pixel control technologies.

Alicia Cheng, director of product development, said that this new LED bar has many color mixing and individual pixel control capabilities that can create any desired device. This is a fantasy luminaire that can be used in studios, buildings and as decorative lighting and can be applied to any device that requires color conversion.

The RGB ColorChase bar contains a smart circuit chip, so many colors of lighting can appear on the bar. This is the sense of beauty created by the pixel control function, which controls the color of each LED and shows the feeling of color flow.

Pixel flow effect

The user can individually set each LED so that the LED bar lights are illuminated sequentially to create a light flow effect. When the speed of flow effects combined with RGB colors, you can create millions of different lighting.

Neil Berry, Environmental Lights product engineer, said that with CMRC LED controllers used together, it can produce forward, backward, center outward and from the outside to inside the flow of lighting. Unique illumination effects can be created by controlling the length and time of the lighting.

Miniature LED Flow Controller (CMRC)

When used with the Micro LED Flow Controller (CMRC), it is easier to control and set the RGB ColorChase LED bar lights. Pre-set 84 flow effects, CMRC controller allows you to easily control the lighting mode. The flow rate ranges from one stage (fastest) to 100 (slowest), and the length of the mode is 16 (32 LEDs = 1 meter) to 255 (510 LEDs = 16 meters).

Two CMRC controllers can parallelize two ColorChase bars to control lighting simultaneously. This controller can wirelessly control lighting up to 100 meters or even across walls.

IC chip progress

The LEDs on the RGB ColorChase bar are SPI controlled by the chip. Each IC chip controls two LEDs. Through intensive research, Environmental Lights has found the easiest and most efficient mobile lighting solution to meet customer needs.

Alicia Cheng, director of product development, says creating complex lighting is not easy. But with this button, you can design lighting that meets your needs, and create a changing light that suits any environment. Mobile lighting has become more and more popular.

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