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Date: 2018-05-15
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Philips Automotive Lighting LED light series officially released

日期: 2018-05-15
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Safety is the most concerned issue for all vehicle owners. As one of the key components for the majority of vehicle owners to provide active safety, car lights are increasingly attracting attention. In 1914, Philips entered the field of automotive lighting, starting with Ford’s most historic T-cars. From the halogen lamp to the invention of the xenon headlights, from the day-to-day legislation that promotes daytime driving lights in Europe, to the end of 2015, the series of high-end LED domes is on the market. In more than 100 years of development history, Philips has been leading the continuous innovation and development of the entire automotive lighting industry. This is why we have become the preferred brand of major automakers and car owners in the world. Nowadays, as more and more new cars are listed, they are equipped with LED headlights, LED lights are increasingly favored by the majority of owners, in the rise of the middle class, the current consumption upgrade, how to upgrade the original car's halogen lamp into LED lights , Became a hot spot for many car owners today. In order to meet the needs of consumers for the safety upgrade of the lights.

At the recent Philips New Product Launch Conference of Wuhan International Conference Center, Li Wei, Marketing Director of Greater China Automotive Lighting, and Liu Xiaoyi, Product Manager, formally released the economical Heng Ruiguang LED series of automotive lamp products tailored for consumers!

Philips Heng Ruiguang LED lights, high-brightness 6000K fashion white light, safe and effective lighting upgrade 100%, accurate light-free blinding, integrated Thermal Cool Core cooling technology, plug and play, for the original car halogen lamps can be achieved quickly and non-destructively The upgrade will bring safer and more comfortable driving experience to domestic and foreign owners. Before the IPO, Philips has completed the installation of hundreds of major models, and the adaptability test is still in progress. It is a LED lamp product with a wide adaptability in the market. At the same time, in the industry, the high-quality brand products favored by the production market have enabled downstream distributors to enable their partners to achieve better development. This is also what Philips is pursuing as a brand manufacturer. At the same time, Philips will continue to launch products during the year. More LED headlights, to provide consumers with more convenient lights, for the safety needs of consumers, quality needs and efforts!

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