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Date: 2018-05-10
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LED lights night light choose what color is good

日期: 2018-05-10
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Even if the night light is very convenient, it still has a certain impact on the human body. Because we ourselves are not suitable to turn on the lights when sleeping, because the body will secrete a kind of melatonin at night, and melatonin secretion is affected by light, the impact on the baby is particularly large. Not only that, the night light will also affect people's sleep quality to some extent, because when you close your eyes, even the very weak light source can feel it, so it is a bit difficult to fall asleep. However, if you must have a night light at night, you must choose the correct color. We recommends that you can use warm night lights, such as yellow, pink, and orange. These lights are soft, and they won’t have a big impact on the human body. They will also create a warm feeling and are easier to fall asleep. . The cold light is more irritating to the eyes, so it is not recommended

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