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Date: 2018-05-05
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EU issues consumer warnings on Chinese-made "LIFE LIGHT LED" LED floodlights

日期: 2018-05-05
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On February 23, 2018, the European Commission's Non-Food Rapid Alert System (RAPEX) issued a consumer warning to the Chinese manufacturer of "LIFE LIGHT LED" brand LED floodlights (early warning number: A12/0283/18). The country notified in this case is Hungary. The product notified this time is a gray LED spotlight, which is about 35 centimeters long. Both ends of the three-core double-insulated PVC power cable and the power cable are free. Carton packaging, carton packaging. The product model/model is LLR10W120CW. The bar code is 5999565 012137. The OECD Portal Category is 78000000 - Electrical Supplies.

Insufficient insulation of the PVC wire of the above projector. Not suitable for outdoor use and may be damaged. If it is damaged, the user may touch the live parts and get an electric shock during abnormal use. This product does not comply with the requirements of the "EU Low Voltage Directive" and the relevant European standard EN 60598.

At present, dealers have taken measures to recall and delist their products from consumers.

To this end, China Trade Relief Information Network recommends that domestic production and exporting enterprises attach great importance to this.

 (Compiled from: European Commission Rapid Alert System for Non-food (RAPEX))

(Zhao Guangxia compiled)

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