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Date: 2017-03-07
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Asia's largest lighting industry exhibition --- Hong Kong autumn lighting fair

日期: 2017-03-07
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Fall Hong Kong Lighting Show: (HK lighting fair):
Bright lighting Booth: M2-A18
Time: October 27-30 No.
Fall Hong Kong Lighting Show: (HK lighting fair)
Booth: M2-A18
Time: October 27-30 No.
Asia's largest lighting industry exhibition
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, carried out since 1999, a large number of buyers and exhibitors, as well as innovative achievements of the high volume of the exhibition a prominent position in the industry, the Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition It will become Asia's largest industry exhibition, and ranked second in the world. In addition, the exhibition in 2009 is divided into spring and autumn two International Lighting Fair, opportunities to communicate twice a year, to discuss cooperation for the lighting industry buyers and sellers. 2016. The exhibition area for the product in more reasonable arrangement, the lighting industry to highlight the main business areas, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends and meet the changing needs of the buyer, is a lighting and lighting companies come together, a total of seek the development of the event. And the show is an international exhibition of professional lighting, professional every year to attract exhibitors and visitors from around the world come to live, is a business opportunity not to be missed.
Market analysis
China, Hong Kong is a highly prosperous international metropolis, after New York and London is the world's third largest financial center, with New York, London and said "nylonkong" enjoys a high reputation in the world. Hong Kong is Asia's leading financial services and shipping center for clean government, good law and order, a free economy and a sound legal system known. 2015 Hong Kong and mainland China's import and export of goods amounted to $ 545.29 billion. Among them, Hong Kong's exports to the mainland $ 287.48 billion, accounting for 56.3% of total exports of Hong Kong; Hong Kong's imports from the Mainland $ 257.81 billion, accounting for 46.1% of Hong Kong's total imports. Hong Kong and the mainland's trade surplus $ 29.66 billion.
2015, Hong Kong's exports of $ 16.6 billion related products, the three major export market for China, the United States and Japan. Hong Kong as an international economic center, financial center, trade center, logistics center, and its surrounding area radiation active production and distribution activities, not only to attract Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland enterprises composed of a large group of exhibitors, but also attracted from around the world buyers. This year, the overall lighting market in mainland China grew steadily, and with the improvement of infrastructure, the further development of urbanization, industrial lighting to promote the progress of energy conservation and environmental protection concept of the lighting market is not only mainland China market has great potential, but also lighting technology put forward higher requirements. Coupled with Hong Kong as China's window to the outside, attracting manufacturers and advanced products and technologies from around the world. Therefore, the Chinese mainland enterprises in Hong Kong it is necessary to focus on the development of the lighting market and seek business opportunities in this Lighting Fair and the market potential.
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