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The world's largest maternal and child exhibition - the 18th CBME China Pregnancy and Child Show, (hereinafter referred to as 2018 CBME China) kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The exhibition showed a total of 4332 brands of pregnant and babies from all over the world. The number of categories and the wide range of fields involved is unprecedented.At the exhibition, various brands competed and displayed a series of highlight products, and the most eye-catching one was the “59 seconds” brand focused on deep ultraviolet LED disinfection, bringing black techn...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 27
In July, PCB manufacturers began to issue price increase notices in succession, which led to the rising cost of LED raw materials procurement. Recently, LED display companies have also issued price increase notices. The analysis believes that the PCB industry chain of LED upstream industry has entered the peak season, and the price of PCB products is expected to rise further, which will form a strong support for LED display. The second half of the year is also the traditional peak season for the LED display industry. The huge downstream market demand is about to be released, especially the exp...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 27
The price of a single driver chip for LED display is relatively low, but the use of LED driver chips is very large, making the market size of China's LED display driver chips reach 680 million, accounting for half of the market share, ranking first. In 2010, the rapid recovery of notebook computers, communication terminals and the consumer electronics industry, the demand for LED backlights increased greatly, and the large-size LCD TV LED backlight market started and grew rapidly. The use of high-end LED backlight driver chips is also increasing. The increase has made the market size of China'...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 26
As most of the population flooded into urban areas, key urban systems such as water, electricity and transportation were overwhelmed and nearly collapsed. In 2012, China's first batch of 90 smart city pilot lists were released. The basic point of smart cities is that they can easily find the fastest commute route, water supply and power supply, and the streets are safer. Today's consumers are increasingly dominant, and they hope that while the city will incur population inflows and achieve economic growth, their own quality of life requirements can be met.After several years of urban construct...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 26
What is the catering lighting scene, the catering lighting scene is to target a specific group of people and provide them with a corresponding light environment, so that consumers can immediately put your catering lighting scene when there is a certain need for catering. Docked in a limited mental resource.The lighting design of the restaurant is somewhat consistent with its sub-brands in the overall lighting style. The warm colors of 2800K are used to suppress the color tone, emphasizing the quality of the restaurant and the profound cultural connotation. The comfortable lighting environment ...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 25
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