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According to a recent report by the US Daily Science website, Turkish scientists have developed a new type of white light-emitting diode (LED) with a luminous efficiency of 105 lumens per watt. The researchers said that with further development, the efficiency of this LED can reach more than 200 lumens / watt, it is expected to show their talents in the home, office and other fields to achieve more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting.The new LEDs are fabricated using a combination of commercially available blue LEDs and flexible lenses filled with a solution of nano-semicond...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 19
At present, many Chinese manufacturing companies are on the road from cost competition to technological innovation. The LED display industry is also facing such a change. In the construction of global technology and product development systems, the entire industry chain must be strengthened. Cooperation and innovation can better achieve industrial upgrading.In recent years, the “patent” competition speed of the screen enterprises in the industry has accelerated, and the competition in the market has been considered. “Patent competition” reflects an important fact: the current LED display manuf...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 19
The root of the difference between incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps is the change of illuminants. The term "energy-saving lamps" is problematic - its life is called "fluorescent lamp", "fluorescence", "incandescent" and "LED". They are all illuminants. When the fluorescent lamp just appeared, it is more energy efficient than the incandescent lamp, so it is also called "energy saving lamp". Now that it is more energy-efficient, it has already appeared, so it is not a real energy-saving lamp, it is just out of habit...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 16
Outdoor class:1. Street lights: Road lights are mainly used for nighttime lighting.2. Solar street light: Solar street light uses sunlight as energy source, battery storage energy, LED light as light source, and charging at night during the day.3. Garden lights: Most of the garden lights or shades are installed upwards. Most of the lamps and lamp stands are installed on the court and courtyard floor; it is especially suitable for parks, street gardens, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, courtyards of government schools and other places. Nowadays many urban solar energy.4; used in taxis...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 16
LED has become synonymous with energy-saving and energy-saving. As the development direction of lamps, the state has vigorously supported and entrepreneurs are rushing to enter, but LED light is really perfect. Actually, LED lights are dazzling and glare, which is extremely harmful to the human eye. As a result, many high-end places still use traditional fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. If LEDs are so energy-efficient, they are abandoned because of glare. Is there any way to eliminate glare?       It is reported that there are four main reasons for the glare of LE...
Date: 2018 - 07 - 16
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